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About PhPlug.com Riskless Investment Script

PhPlug Riskless Investment Script is a system that helps our members to build a downline network for themselves before they buy from us. We believe it's the most safe and reasonable system that anyone would want before investing on any online business.

The system stays on a Force Matrix with fixed width and height of 5X7

To encourage more members, administrator limits the number of referrals in a curtain level. For instance, in a 5x7 forced matrix, starting from the 6th referral you bring in, they will be spillover to the next weakest spot in the matrix. This allows you to build your downline as a team and filled up the matrix faster.

Visitors come to yoursite.com and register as member, anyone who comes after you will be assigned as your downlines automatically. In this way, our members can enjoy gathering downlines without much effort. Currently we have several hundreds of members joining us daily and we are expensing very quickly. Your success is almost guaranteed.

However, we encourage our members to bring us more quality members. We have set up a members rewarding system called "Direct Referral Credit System" (DRC System). Every time you refer a new member to us, this new member will go directly as your downlines, and if afterward this member buys things from us, your account will gain one "Direct Referral Credit" (DRC). The more direct referral credits you have, the higher commission you will get under our DRC rewarding scheme. For more details of the "DRC" rewarding scheme, please go to FAQ

3 simple steps to success
-- Register and we will bring you downlines automatically.
-- Refer others to bring more downlines for yourself and earn "Direct Referral Credit" (Optional)
-- You can see the number of downlines you have got anytime in your control panel. Every time your downlines buy from us, you gain commission. However, in order to reveal the commission you gained from a specific product, you have to buy this product as well, and so do your downlines. In this way, your downlines are likely to buy sooner or later, that is, your commission will keep growing day by day without stop.

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