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What is Riskless Investment Script, and how does it work?

Imagine buying a book from a book store, and getting commission checks in the mail every time that book store sold the same book to new customers. That's exactly what we are!

This happens in 3 simple steps:

Step 1
Register for free online. No initial payment is required. Every new person that signs up after you is connected as a downline to you, and can make you money. Your success is virtually guaranteed with little effort from you! Hundreds join everyday. They could be your downlines!
To sign up risk free, click HERE.

Step 2
Sit back and accumulate downlines! You do not need to do any recruiting yourself. We do all the work for you. Return to the site in your free time and see how many downlines you?e accumulated each month!

Step 3
Whenever you buy a product from us, you will earn commission for each time one of your downlines buys the same product. You earn commission only on those product you buy yourself. Remember that your downlines are in the same position: they must buy to earn commission. So they are more likely to buy sooner or later, and make you money. Because your downlines grow everyday, your commission will keep growing everyday, non stop!

However, if you do decide to recruit new members yourself, we will reward you! Each time one of your referrals buys from us, we will reward you with one Direct Referral Credit. The more Direct Referral Credits you accumulate, the higher your commission rate becomes!

For more information see the Direct Referral Credit section below.



I have registered already, but yet haven't got the confirmation mail, what should I do?

Usually your confirmation email is delivered within minutes. However, sometimes it can be delayed if too many people register at once and overload the system.

If you are using a spam-filtering system, it may mistakenly mark the confirmation email as spam. Free email services like Hotmail are especially vulnerable to this mistake. We recommend NOT using a free email account to register with us.

Why should I fill in my real home / office address?

We send your commission checks to the address you provide. If that is not your real address, you will not receive your checks.

Please note that we do not share or sell any of your personal information, including your address. For more details please read through our Privacy Policy.

After registration, what should I do next?

Congratulations! You are made it to Step 2! Sit back, and watch your downlines accumulate. For more information see our 3 step process described above.

I have forgot my password, what should I do?

Please email our customer service representative at and your password will be emailed to you.

Is my personal privacy being protected?

Yes, we do not share or sell your personal information. Please read through our Privacy Policy for more information.

How can I change my details?

After logging in, click on the profile button to change your personal information.




What is Direct Referral Credits?

Though you do not have to do any recruiting yourself, we will reward you with Direct Referral Credits if you choose to do so.

When you register, you will be given a system generated promotional page like this: http://yourdomain.com/member/userid, where userid is your user ID. Anyone that signs up through your promotional page will become your Direct Referral. Every time one of your Direct Referrals buys from us, you receive one Direct Referral Credit. The more credits you accumulate, the higher your commission rate becomes!

How high can my commission rate go?

We have four types of memberships: Standard Member, Premium Member, Golden Member, and Insider, each with a higher commission rate. Your membership depends on how many Direct Referral Credits you have. Below is a table outlining this:

Direct Referral Credit Needed
Commission Rate From Each Downline Level


I have Direct Referrals, but no Direct Referral Credits. Why?

You will get a "Direct Referral Credit" only when your referral buys from us.

How do I promote my site if I want to get more "Direct Referral Credits" ?

When you login and access your control panel, you will see a promotional page generated by our system.

When you refer people to us, refer them to your promotional page. If they sign up through your promotional page and buy something from us, you will receive one Direct Referral Credit.

If you have a website, we encourage you to place a banner ad linked to your promotional page on your site. This can be done through "Banner Links" under the "Get More Downlines" area.

Can I change the content of my Promotional Page?

Unfortunately, since your promotional page is automatically generated by our system, you cannot change its contents.



How long will I receive my product ?

After we received your payment, our staff will send you the digital product within 6 to 12 hours.


Any Inquiries ?

We focus on customer service and will reply promptly
Please feel free to send us your questions or thought



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